On writing more…


Last updated on June 9th, 2022

On writing more…

I’ve tried writing consistently in the past, but somehow I get carried away by all the things happening in my life that I lose touch with the habit. I’d start with an idea for something I wanted to write, note a few thoughts down but never get to the writing part.

I finally decided I’d had enough of that cycle, especially because I certainly didn’t like the feeling I got when I stumbled across something I’d written that died because I didn’t develop it.

So here I am, attempting to revive a habit that I actually enjoy; not just because it makes me happy, but because writing is a really rewarding skill that allows me understand, develop and refine ideas, identify patterns in my thought and share what I know (something I’ve been wanting to take seriously for a while now). It’s also great for learning, which I’m always doing quite a lot of.

I’m also happy to be exploring digital gardening, cause I can share my writing in whatever stage it is and not feel bad 😅.